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. chairman rupert murdoch and former newspaper editor rebecca brooks preparing to give testimony to a particle meantry panel in the next half hour british lawmakers are expected to grill them on allegations reporters hacked into phone messages. >> rupert murdoch might be late his car was surrounded by a mob outside earlier and he had to turn back a top london police chief has been answering questions over an hour we are joined by wisdom martin with the latest on what is happening in england. >> well, this keeps growing, all eyes on particle meantry enchoir for the much antis -- enquiry for the much anticipated executives we are waiting for murdoch's son jamess in charge of news corp.'s european operations and mr. murdoch himself. rebecca brooks who resigned as editor of news international newspaper is scheduled to testify next hour. >>> a second resignation from scotland yard, followed one from sunday. they said staying on would be a distraction. >>> during the last hour the commissioner admitted to making mistakes. >> the material is repugnant, with hind site we would have -- ye
murdoch was in the hot seat prime minister david cameron calls an emergency session of parliament. >>> the british prime minister cut short his africa trip and. >> reporter: ed home to appear before -- returned home to appear before parliament today. his exaid, a former editor at news of the world tabloid is among several people arrested in the scandal. yesterday rupert murdoch initially seemed confused and flussers, two hours later into the proceeding a protestor interrupted the hearing. now a man tried to throw a shaving cream pie into rupert murdoch's face his wife wendy in the pink jacket jumped up to defend her husband police arrested the man murdoch continued his testimony about 10 minutes later saying while he is the ceo of a company that hacked phones he is not responsible for what happened. >> do you accept ultimately you are responsible for this whole fiasco. >> no. >> you are not responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run it and then maybe the people they trusted. i worked with mr. hinton for 52 years and would trust him with my life. >> he was referring to the he
of news corp. rupert murdoch is to appear wisdom. >>> british prime minister ordered a special particle meantry session. >> yesterday, scotland yard's number two was forced to design this less than 20 hours after the commissioner himself stepped down. both claim their integrity is intact but staying on would be a distraction amidst intense media coverage of the role police media mail have played here and for hiring a news of the world editor now under arrest at a pr consultant. rebecca brooks who resigned as head of rupert murdoch's newspaper on sunday after she voluntarily went in for questioning. >> the position of rebecca brooks can be simply stated she is not guilty of any criminal offence. the position of the metropolitan police is less easy to understand. >>> government remains politically tainted as well the prime minister david cameron on official business in africa again under pressure to explain why he hired former news of the world editor andy cole son as chief of communications he stepped down in january and arrested last week. >> no one has argued that the work he did in go
morning rue earth murdoch bid farewell to his newspaper in london and he is already got a bid on something else who is looking to block that deal coming up next. >> holly morris live at the fancy food show, sharing products from around the world we will check with her when fox 5 morning news continues, coming up on 7:23 a.m. right now  >>> making headlines thismorning the search continues for survivors of a boat accident in russia, hope is fadeling for 90 people after a crews ship sank on the river yesterday. many of those missing are children nine people are confirmed dead 80 people rescued it is still not clear exactly how many people were on the ship. >>> rue pert murdoch is in -- rupert murdoch is on damage control in london. sunday the news of the world tabloid owned by news corp., fox 5s parent company hit news stands for the last time now murdoch is looking to take over british sky broadcasting the british government is said to be looking at ways to block the deal. >>> the deadline is fast approaching and seems as if little progress was made during yesterday's
they have done. >> now yesterday, during testimony by news corp. chairman rupert murdoch a protestor hurled a plate of shaving cream at him his wife wendy on the left in the pink see her right behind him now landed a right hook on the guy before the police arrested him before the encounter, murdoch and his son james told particle meantry committee they were not -- particle meantry committee they were not aware of phone hacking. >> this is the most humble day of my life >> i think frankly, i am the best person to clean this up. >> also released today parliamentary report that police were involved in the investigation. >> eric holder says he is willing to meet with families of 9/11 victims concerned phones may have been hacked in the scandal families issued a request for a meeting withholder, fbi director and house you dish area committee ranking democrats -- judiciary committee, ranking democrats monday. >>> we continue to follow a developing story an accident involving an arlington county police officer near washington boulevard, and north lee road, roads back open to traffic. stacy is liv
into custody sunday and released she once edited now defunct news of the world. >> murdoch lost his most loyal lieutenant. >>> all have been released without charges head of scotland yard stepped down sunday taking responsibility for his close ties to the newspaper. >> i have taken this decision with the consequence of the ongoing speculation and accusations of news international at the senior level. >> reporters are accused of illegally tapping into phone records of celebrities, lawmakers, murder victims. it is also knocked billions off the value of news corps empire. >> the entire british public is engaged what i think they are concerned about -- what they ought to be concerned about is whether or not the american public gets engaged if that happened, you should start writing their obituaries. >>> rupert murdoch and his son james are due to the questioned about the hacking by british parliament later this week and news corp. his parent company, news of the world of fox 5. >>> wisdom thank you. >> now the latest on the debt debate a short term deal may be in the works to help diffuse the nati
and posted them online the company said they don't believe the attack went that far. rue pert murdoch chairman of news corp. is answering questions in front of british particle meantry hearing. >> under pressure to give up his plan to take over a lucrative satellite broadcasting company in the wake of the news of the world scandal but there is a defiant mood at his papers with the sun criticizing the former prime minister, gordon brown for claiming they illegally got confidential medical information about his youngest son. current british prime minister cameron is promising to investigate if any 9/11 victims were targeted a senior london police officer explained why he did not explain phone hacking allegations at the news of the world years earlier. >> i had no idea, i had no idea, but as far as i was concerned from july 2009 and even july 2006 this effected a rogue reporter that is what we believed to be the case. >> prime minister cameron says this morning, that he will support a motion for a vote that declares murdoch for the british sky casting news corp. is the parent company of
in britain's phone hacking scandal. james murdoch says international will apologize for hacking. rebecca broke the chief executive and editor of the paper news of the world has now resigned. she will appear for questioning in front of parliament next week and rupert murdoch will also answer questions after first saying they would not. also the director of the fbi is confirming that the bureau is launching a probe after congress raised hacking of 9/11 victims. >>> a fire broke out late last night at holy cross hospital in montgomery county. >> there were evacuation of patients for the latest, we go to sherri ly in silver spring. >> reporter: things are back to normal here this morning. that fire was isolated overnight and quickly put out. but not before causing some very tense moments as smoke filled part of the building. the fire was reported around 11:15 last night on the third floor at the hospital in silver spring. month golly scott emergency fire and rescue happen to have a medic unit at the hospital already bringing patients to the emergency room. they went up to investigate and fo
. tomorrow, rupert murdoch and his son james are set to be questioned by british parliamentary committee it will be interested this keeps getting bigger and bigger. >> very close eye on it wisdom thank you. >>> keeping an eye on what is happening with casey anthony she is out of jail she got let go yesterday the question is where is she. only a select few know. jose baez says allies are exploring a number of options for her future. he spoke with heraldry vera yesterday. >>> she has been through a traumatic event in her life she has had a number of them over the last three years we will do our best to try to put her in a position where she can help herself and move forward in life. >>> casey anthony acquitted of murdererring her 2-year-old daughter she has a few lawsuits pending against her and a criminal record for lying to police. >>> 12 minutes past the hour. u.s. senator trying to help out flyers when it comes to all those annoying baggage fee what is he is proposing if your luggage doesn't get to you on time. >> plus a metro worker fired back in 2008 after a prostitution -- they are
involving news of the world why rupert murdoch is headed to the courtroom. >> plus rocking out this morning at the national theatre rock of ages is in town holly morris is hanging with the cast and crew catch up with all of them when fox 5 morning news continues 7:22 a.m. >>> making headlines a bomb exploded at a memorial service for the afghan president's brother. four people died in this attack including a top official of the kandahar city government and a young child. a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque in a southern city the mosque packed with friends and family paying condolences to karzai. >>> the city of mumbai india, on high alert after coordinated terror attacks last night three bombs exploded within minutes of each other leaving at least 17 people dead more than 130 injured the worst terrorist attack in india since the siege in 2008 that killed 166 people there was no intelligence warning of a possible attack. >>> news corp. chairman rupert murdoch is being summoned to testify he and his son james received an official su
records. rue pert murdoch's news corp. which owns fox 5 may face a possible bribery investigation. >>> the only space walk planned during atlantis' final trip to the international space station is scheduled to begin in a half hour. it is being done by two astronauts already at the orbiting station now the atlantis crew is unloading a year's worth of supplies using a robotic arm. >>> close call baseball's home run derby in phoenix last night watch the top right corner of your screen. right there. >> oh, boy. >> close call the fan dangling 20 feet over the pool deck his brother and friend were able to grab hold of him by the leg and pull him back into the stands, this is after a tragedy down in texas last week it is very close to a lot of people fortunately no injuries. probably not worth it. >>> as a fan and aficionado of sorts, could baseball sort of make that an illegal move do you think? >> no. >> it is part of the game what fans are going to do. fan discretion. >>> all right well, i am glad he is okay sorry about the loss earlier though. >>> more encouraging news? >> good news
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